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DBMCD001 Eschaton & Parallel - AM​:​PM (Limited Edition CD / Digital Album)
This album is a collaboration between Eschaton from the UK and Parallel from the US, a meeting of minds, a collage of two different sounds that meet in the middle, somewhere between dusk and dawn. The title originally reflected the fact that while working on this LP it was always morning for one of us and the evening for the other, a theme that worked it’s way into the individual tracks as the ethereal ambience and fractured rhythms evoke a sense of connection with the ‘other’, the deeper side of existence that mankind ponders as day becomes night and night becomes day.

01. Vertigo
02. Into The Void
03. From The Shadows Part 2
04. Seventh Moon
05. Trapped In Crystal
06. The Deeper We Go
07. Conscious Awareness
08. Fourth Kind
09. When The Darkness Knows
10. Brahman:Creator Of Worlds
11. Seventh Moon (Eschaton Remix)
12. Morning Glory

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