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cavernousspace is on a distinguished road
По умолчанию Eschaton - Quantum 1: Quantization

Eschaton - Quantum 1: Quantization
Eschaton returns from his collaboration album with Parallel to release his second solo album project. Carrying on from where his ethereal sounds left many dangling in hyperspace, he continues his journey deep into the fabric of reality with a mixture of ambient and blissed out drum and bass. The album takes you on a seamless 150 minute voyage where your ears meet the harmonies of a world around us that is so near yet so far. Coming soon are Parts 2 and 3, where these elements are splintered apart and reconstructed by skilled musicians such as Stunna, Macc, Parallel, Cycom, Jason Os, Ricky Force and a host of others. Anyone who buys and downloads the LP is eligible to apply for the sample packs and win the chance to appear on CD along with the other remixers. Two winners will be chosen to appear on the CD, and there is no restriction on style or genre, so get your entries in. The deadline for entries is 29th April 2011.
All tracks mastered by Macc at SC Mastering.

01. Zero Point
02. Non-Locality
03. Quarks
04. Bohr
05. Nucleus
06. Photon
07. Duality
08. Boson
09. Causality
10. Schrodinger (Ft. Composite One)
11. Flux
12. Wave-Function
13. Electron
14. Molecular
15. Neutron
16. Fermion
17. Quantum
18. Sub-Atomic

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