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Jungle & Drum'n'Bass Это форум посвящен обсуждению музыки в стиле Jungle & Drum'n'Bass
Drum'n'bass, Jungle, Ragga-Jungle, Techstep, Intelligent, Neurofunk, Athmospheric, Jazzy-Jungle, Oldschool, Liquid Funk....
Drum&Bass и Jungle лэйблы | Сетевые лэйблы (NetLabels)

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Старый 14.02.2009, 18:42   #1
Регистрация: 08.10.2008
Адрес: yeah
Возраст: 44
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MiguSuked is on a distinguished road
По умолчанию Black Hoe Recordings demo competition!

We are proud to let You know about our new project on Black Hoe: Monthly Fluxes Of Lush Frissons!

Send Your demo or open a thread with Your production on Black Hoe's board in every month! At the end of each month we choose the three best demos sent in said month and You can choose Your favourite one. The winner of the month would be taken on a special four-track ep released on Black Hoe. So our fans, listeners and dj's (YOU) can decide which track would appear on Black Hoe.

The Rules:
- one artist can post or send one production per month,
- only full, minimum 192 kbps tracks accepted,
- contact info must be added,
- be creative!

- 1st round: 31st of January, 2009
- 2nd round: 28th of February, 2009
- 3rd round: 31st of March, 2009
- 4th round: 30th of April, 2009

- RELEASE - BH058EP - Monthly Fluxes Of Lush Frissons Ep - part 1: 25th of May, 2009

- 5th round: 31st of May, 2009
- 6th round: 30th of June, 2009
- 7th round: 31st of Junly, 2009
- 8th round: 31st of August, 2009

- RELEASE - BH063EP - Monthly Fluxes Of Lush Frissons Ep - part 2: 21st of September, 2009

- You can poll on Black Hoe board, on this board, or by e-mail: migu@blackhoe-recordings.com

You can send Your demo:
- E-mail: demo@blackhoe-recordings.com
- Soundcloud tool: [Только зарегистрированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. Регистрация!]
- Web: [Только зарегистрированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. Регистрация!]
- AIM: Migusuked

or You can post a link in this thread also!

If You are a producer, be part of the community, if You are a listener, be the label manager who decides what track must be out on Black Hoe!
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DJ NeFF (13.10.2009)

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