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wiz promotionz
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Arrow Viberate for Artists

Introducing Viberate music analytics for Artists

Hello everyone!

There's an exciting development for all the independent artists out there.
If you've been juggling multiple platforms for music distribution, promotion, and analytics, there might be a more streamlined solution on the horizon:

Tools for Independent Musicians | Viberate.com
Get music distribution, a free website, playlist & festival pitching, and analytics to fuel your career growth while staying independent.
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Here's a quick rundown:
Viberate began as a music data company, catering to industry professionals with unparalleled analytics. Their expansion now focuses on equipping artists with various tools, some free and others at an annual rate of $39.

Free Artist Websites:
Viberate boasts the world's largest crowdsourced artist database. Every verified artist gets a free website, packed with essential information such as genre, top songs, events, audience demographics, and more. These sites are sleek, auto-updated, and share-ready.
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Unified Analytics:
Artists can connect their Spotify account and gain in-depth insights. This includes tracking listener demographics, growth rates in specific countries, and playlist performance. Valuable intel for those who want to understand their audience's pulse.
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Music Distribution:
Viberate for Artists offers unlimited digital music distribution to major streaming platforms, ensuring your tunes reach the masses.
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Playlist Pitching:
Once your music's out there, Viberate aids in promotion with a comprehensive Spotify playlist pitching tool. This gives access to a chart ranking over 12M playlists. The filtering capabilities are, in a word, outstanding. Want to pitch to indie-curated House music playlists with certain followers and new song percentages? You can do just that.
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In a world where digital presence and data-driven decisions are pivotal, Viberate for Artists seems like a game-changer for independent musicians aiming to elevate their game.

Thoughts, experiences, questions?
Would love to hear from any artists who've given this a go!
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